Push fit Lid

Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
MJ/DF/9460 6mm x 6mm x 19mm CP/EF/9595 62mmx 62mm x 42mm
MJ/DF/9465 6mm x 6mm x 35mm TD/NJ/9595 62mm x 62mm x 60mm
MJ/DF/9470 10mm x 10mm x 94mm HB/SE/9596 63mm x 63mm x 13mm
TJ/DI/9499 15mm x 15mm x 8mm HB/SE/9597 63mm x 63mm x 15mm
SJ/DF/9570 18mm x 18mm x 8mm UP/OB/9597 63mm x 63mm x 22mm
BM/QI/9500 18mm x 18mm x 16mm UP/QH/9536 63mm x 63mm x 43mm
DB/VC/9501 19mm x 19mm x 10mm SJ/DF/9597 63mm x 63mm x 62mm
NF/IN/9510 19mm x 19mm x 14mm HB/SE/9598 64mm x 64mm x 22mm
HB/SE/9510 19mm x 19mm x 14mm BM/QI/9600 64mm x 64mm x 22mm
TJ/DI/9511 19mm x 19mm x 15mm NF/MN/9600 64mm x 64mm x 22mm
BM/QI/9515 19mm x 19mm x 16mm BM/QI/9605 64mm x 64mm x 29mm
DB/VC/9514 19mm x 19mm x 19mm HB/SE/9610 65mm x 65mm x 29mm
NF/MN/9516 19mm x 19mm x 22mm EY/DP/9611 67mm x 67mm x 113mm
KP/IB/9517 20mm x 20mm x 15mm FM/JO/9611 67mm x 57mm x 115mm
QB/ME/9517 20mm x 20mm x 15mm TJ/DI/9611 69mm x 69mm x 14mm
KP/IB/9516 20mm x 20mm x 17mm YJ/OZ/9601 70mm x 70mm x 20mm
CS/BD/9517 21mm x 21mm x 17mm MJ/DF/9611 70mm x 70mm x 48mm
HF/ST/9517 22mm x 22mm x 18mm YJ/OZ/9611 70mm x 70mm x 55mm
HM/FB/9516 23mm x 23mm x 19mm DB/VC/9611 71mm x 71mm x 28mm
TJ/DI/9517 23mm x 23mm x 22mm TU/FX/9615 73mm x 73mm x 16mm
HB/SE/9520 24mm x 24mm x 19mm MJ/DF/9616 73mm x 73mm x 28mm
JO/UF/9520 24mm x 24mm x 20mm NF/MN/9616 73mm x 73mm x 28mm
MJ/DF/9521 24mm x 24mm x 23mm CK/QM/9620 73mm x 73mm x 29mm
MJ/DF/9530 25mm x 25mm x 4.5mm HB/SE/9620 73mm x 73mm x 29mm
BM/QI/9525 25mm x 25mm x 10mm TU/FX/9625 73mm x 73mm x 30mm
CP/EF/9526 25mmx 25mm x 14mm NP/EV/9626 73mm x 73mm x 33mm
NF/IN/9525 25mm x 25mm x 15mm NP/CV/9626 73mm x 73mm x 33mm
HB/SE/9526 25mm x 25mm x 16mm TU/FX/9635 73mm x 73mm x 46mm
CP/EF/9527 25mmx 25mm x 17mm TU/FX /9640 73mm x 73mm x 73mm
TJ/DI/9527 25mm x 25mm x 17mm MJ/DF/9639 75mm x 75mm x 17mm
BM/QI/9530 25mm x 25mm x 18mm SJ/DF/9627 75mm x 75mm x 26mm
JO/UF/9530 25mm x 25mm x 19mm MJ/DF/9640 75mm x 75mm x 27mm
BN/BD/9530 25mm x 25mm x 19mm NP/EV/9641 75mm x 75mm x 50mm
SJ/DF/9531 25mm x 25mm x 20mm NP/CV/9641 75mm x 75mm x 50mm
TJ/DI/9531 25mm x 25mm x 20mm BM/QI/9645 76mm x 76mm x 41mm
DB/VC/9529 25mm x 25mm x 25mm TU/FX /9650 76mm x 76mm x 82mm
UP/OB/9529 25mm x 25mm x 76mm CV/HZ/9659 76mm x 76mm x 131mm
TJ/DI/9530 26mm x 26mm x 8mm UP/OB/9651 77mm x 77mm x 77mm
SJ/DF/9531 27mm x 27mm x 22mm HB/SE/9630 78mm x 78mm x 40mm
NF/MN/9531 27mm x 27mm x 46mm DB/VC/9651 78mm x 78mm x 36mm
NF/MN/9532 27mm x 27mm x 63mm ZJ/XV/9651 78mm x 78mm x 58mm
TJ/DI/9533 28mm x 28mm x 19mm HB/SE/9655 78mm x 78mm x 74mm
TJ/DI/9534 28mm x 28mm x 22mm MJ/DF/9656 79mm x 79mm x 27mm
YJ/OZ/9538 30mm x 30mm x 22mm HB/SE/9660 79mm x 79mm x 34mm
SJ/DF/9539 30mm x 30mm x 23mm HB/SE/9665 79mm x 79mm x 54mm
NF/MN/9533 30mm x 30mm x 62mm HB/SE/9670 79mm x 79mm x 110mm
TJ/DI/9533 31mm x 31mm x 10mm DP/OE/9669 80mm x 80mm x 20mm
VO/JQ/9534 31mm x 31mm x 15mm YJ/OZ/9666 80mm x 80mm x 25mm
SQ/DZ/9535 32mm x 32mm x 9mm QB/OE/9671 80mm x 80mm x 80mm
YJ/OZ/9535 33mm x 33mm x 23mm UP/OB/9672 80mm x 80mm x 94mm
UP/OB/9535 33mm x 33mm x 78mm BN/BD/9673 81mm x 81mm x 49mm
CP/EF/9535 35mmx 35mm x 14mm BN/BD/9674 81mm x 81mm x 55mm
DP/OE/9535 35mm x 35mm x 15mm BN/BD/9675 81mm x 81mm x 62mm
NF/MN/9536 35mm x 35mm x 27mm BN/BD/9676 81mm x 81mm x 66mm
TJ/DI/9536 36mm x 36mm x 10mm BN/BD/9677 81mm x 81mm x 73mm
UP/QH/9536 36mm x 36mm x 13mm BN/BD/9678 81mm x 81mm x 79mm
UP/QH/9537 36mm x 36mm x 30mm NF/MN/9671 84mm x 84mm x 60mm
BN/BD/9636 36mm x 36mm x 70mm UP/OB/9671 86mm x 86mm x 28mm
NF/MN/9537 36mm x 36mm x 84mm UP/OB/9672 86mm x 86mm x 110mm
TJ/DI/9538 37mm x 37mm x 17mm UP/OB/9673 86mm x 86mm x 158mm
HB/SE/9540 37mm x 37mm x 29mm NF/MN/9672 87mm x 87mm x 28mm
MJ/DF/9541 37mm x 37mm x 33mm BN/BD/9679 87mm x 87mm x 63mm
TJ/DI/9541 37mm x 37mm x 35mm BN/BD/9680 87mm x 87mm x 71mm
UP/OB/9541 37mm x 37mm x 68mm BN/BD/9681 87mm x 87mm x 113mm
TJ/DI/9541 40mm x 40mm x 12mm NF/MN/9673 87mm x 87mm x 113mm
YJ/OZ/9541 40mm x 40mm x 14mm BN/BD/9682 87mm x 87mm x 122mm
DP/OE/9541 40mm x 40mm x 15mm BN/BD/9684 87mm x 87mm x 160mm
YJ/OZ/9542 40mm x 40mm x 18mm NF/MN/9674 87mm x 87mm x 160mm
SJ/DF/9543 40mm x 40mm x 20mm YJ/OZ/9074 90mm x 90mm x 25mm
YJ/OZ/9543 40mm x 40mm x 20mm QB/OE/9675 90mm x 90mm x 50mm
YJ/OZ/9544 40mm x 40mm x 22mm QB/ME/9075 90mm x 90mm x 50mm HEAVY DUTY
YJ/OZ/9548 40mm x 40mm x 24mm QB/OE/9676 90mm x 90mm x 53mm
DP/OE/9549 40mm x 40mm x 30mm YJ/OZ/9076 92mm x 92mm x 38mm
BN/BD/9548 41mm x 41mm x 55mm BM/QI/9675 92mm x 92mm x 95mm
BN/BD/9540 41mm x 41mm x 63mm DB/VC/9076 93mm x 93mm x 67mm
BN/BD/9549 41mm x 41mm x 70mm DB/VC/9078 93mm x 93mm x 90mm
BN/BD/9541 41mm x 41mm x73mm YJ/OZ/9079 94mm x 94mm x 18mm
NF/MN/9541 41mm x 41mm x 73mm QB/OE/9677 95mm x 94mm x 40mm
KP/IB/9542 42mm x 42mm x 15mm NF/MN/9676 95mm x 95mm x 76mm
NF/MN/9542 42mm x 42mm x 16mm UP/OB/9674 98mm x 98mm x 50mm
TJ/DI/9543 42mm x 42mm x 19mm UP/OB/9677 98mm x 98mm x 98mm
BM/QI/9545 43mm x 43mm x 14mm UP/OB/9678 98mm x 98mm x 105mm
SJ/DF/9545 43mm x 43mm x 34mm UP/OB/9679 98mm x 98mm x 123mm
UP/OB/9546 44mm x 44mm x 17mm UP/OB/9680 98mm x 98mm x 151mm
NF/MN/9546 44mm x 44mm x 17mm UP/OB/9681 98mm x 98mm x 181mm
MJ/DF/9546 44mm x 44mm x 120mm UP/OB/9682 98mm x 98mm x 202mm
TJ/DI/9546 45mm x 45mm x 12mm UP/OB/9683 98mm x 98mm x 252mm
NP/CV/9546 46mm x 46mm x 10mm DB/VC/9079 99mm x 99mm x 30mm
NF/MN/9547 46mm x 46mm x 35mm ZJ/XV/9677 99mm x 99mm x 55mm
HM/FB/9548 48mm x 48mm x 20mm YJ/OZ/9678 100mm x 100mm x 25mm
KP/IB/9548 49mm x 49mm x 22mm QB/OE/9678 100mm x 100mm x 26mm
KP/IB/9549 50mm x 50mm x 6mm ZJ/XV/9678 100mm x 100mm x 50mm
HB/SE/9550 50mm x 50mm x 16mm QB/OE/9674 100mm x 100mm x 61mm
BN/BD/9555 50mm x 50mm x 19mm QB/ME/9674 100mm x 100mm x 61mm HEAVY DUTY
UP/OB/9555 50mm x 50mm x 19mm MJ/DF/9674 100mm x 100mm x 80mm
BM/QI/9555 50mm x 50mm x 19mm CV/HZ/9674 100mm x 100mm x 178mm
NF/MN/9555 50mm x 50mm x 19mm CV/HZ/9675 100mm x 100mm x 220mm
YJ/OZ/9559 50mm x 50mm x 20mm BN/BD/9082 101mm x 101mm x 50mm
CP/EF/9560 50mmx 50mm x 25mm BN/BD/9081 101mm x 101mm x 62mm
JO/UF/9560 50mm x 50mm x 25mm NF/MN/9675 101mm x 101mm x 76mm
HB/SE/9560 50mm x 50mm x 26mm BN/BD/9083 101mm x 101mm x 82mm
HB/SE/9565 50mm x 50mm x 36mm BN/BD/9084 101mm x 101mm x 93mm
YJ/OZ/9567 50mm x 50mm x 50mm BN/BD/9676 101mm x 101mm x 101mm
NP/CV/9566 51mm x 51mm x 12mm NF/MN/9676 101mm x 101mm x 101mm
UP/OB/9567 51mm x 51mm x 19mm BN/BD/9086 101mm x 101mm x 113mm
HB/SE/9570 54mm x 54mm x 17mm BN/BD/9677 101mm x 101mm x 128mm
UP/OB/9570 54mm x 54mm x 73mm NF/MN/9677 101mm x 101mm x 128mm
UP/OB/9571 54mm x 54mm x 103mm BN/BD/9088 101mm x 101mm x 138mm
UP/OB/9572 54mm x 54mm x 122mm BN/BD/9089 101mm x 101mm x 140mm
UP/OB/9573 54mm x 54mm x 152mm NF/MN/9678 101mm x 101mm x 152mm
DB/VC/9571 55mm x 55mm x 24mm NF/MN/9679 101mm x 101mm x 184mm
JO/UF/9571 55mm x 55mm x 25mm BN/BD/9679 101mm x 101mm x 184mm
CB/VE/9572 55mm x 55mm x 33mm NF/MN/9680 101mm x 101mm x 216mm
DB/VC/9572 55mm x 55mm x 34mm NF/MN/9681 101mm x 101mm x 254mm
MJ/DF/9573 55mm x 55mm x 41mm KP/IB/9681 106mm x 106mm x 22mm
MJ/DF/9574 55mm x 55mm x 61mm GJ/CB/9681 106mm x 106mm x 60mm
HB/SE/9575 56mm x 56mm x 27mm KP/IB/9682 106mm x 106mm x 70mm
CP/EF/9575 56mmx 56mm x 25mm NF/MN/9682 109mm x 109mm x 28mm
HB/SE/9580 56mm x 56mm x 37mm UP/OB/9682 109mm x 109mm x 35mm
DM/JD/9581 57mm x 57mm x 27mm YJ/OZ/9681 110mm x 110mm x 30mm
UP/QH/9581 57mm x 57mm x 27mm YJ/OZ/9682 110mm x 110mm x 110mm
XJ/ML/9581 57mm x 57mm x 27mm SJ/DF/9682 112mm x 112mm x 66mm
XJ/ML/9584 57mm x 57mm x 83mm CB/VE/9684 115mm x 115mm x 55mm
DM/JD/9584 57mm x 57mm x 83mm HB/SE/9683 116mm x 116mm x 37mm
TJ/DI/9581 58mm x 58mm x 13mm HB/SE/9684 116mm x 116mm x 58mm
SJ/DF/9581 58mm x 58mm x 17mm NF/MN/9685 117mm x 117mm x 28mm
SJ/DF/9582 58mm x 58mm x 23mm YJ/OZ/9685 120mm x 120mm x 20mm
SJ/DF/9583 58mm x 58mm x 35mm BM/QI/9686 120mm x 120m x 28mm Hinged Lid
SJ/DF/9584 58mm x 58mm x 68mm CB/VE/9687 120mm x 120mm x 30mm
NF/MN/9581 58mm x 58mm x 77mm IF/OH/3129 120mm x 120mm x 40mm
BN/BD/9581 58mm x 58mm x 78mm FM/JO/9687 120mm x 120mm x 140mm
BN/BD/9580 58mm x 58mm x 86mm UB/LQ/9687 120mm x 120mm x 140mm
BN/BD/9582 58mm x 58mm x 106mm OJ/OH/9687 125mm x 125mm x 30mm
NF/MN/9582 58mm x 58mm x 106mm TD/NJ/9687 125mm x 125mm x 50mm
BN/BD/9583 58mm x 58mm x 128mm NP/EV/9687 125mm x 125mm x 77mm
NF/MN/9583 58mm x 58mm x 128mm YJ/OZ/9688 127mm x 127mm x 27mm
BN/BD/9579 58mm x 58mm x 157mm YJ/OZ/9689 127mm x 127mm x 38mm
NF/MN/9584 58mm x 58mm x 205mm QB/ME/9687 130mm x 130m x 20mm HEAVY DUTY
HB/SE/9585 59mm x 59mm x 19mm MF/UU/9688 130mm x 130m x 43mm
NP/CV/9586 59mm x 59mm x 30mm MF/UU/9689 130mm x 130m x 53mm
NP/EV/9586 59mm x 59mm x 30mm MF/UU/9690 130mm x 130m x 55mm
HB/SE/9590 59mm x 59mm x 36mm NP/EV/9692 140mm x 140mm x 150mm
NP/EV/9590 59mm x 59mm x 86mm YJ/OZ/9690 150mm x 150mm x 20mm
NP/CV/9590 59mm x 59mm x 86mm YJ/OZ/9691 150mm x 150mm x 35mm
DP/OE/9591 60mm x 60mm x 20mm BM/QI/9691 152mm x 152m x 25mm
ZJ/XV/9591 60mm x 60mm x 20mm QB/OE/9692 155mm x 155mm x 55mm
HB/SE/9595 62mm x 62mm x 22mm DP/OE/9692 160mm x 160mm x 25mm
SJ/DF/9592 60mm x 60mm x 25mm YJ/OZ/9694 165mm x 165mm x 12mm
SJ/DF/9593 60mm x 60mm x 37mm OJ/OH/9694 175mm x 175mm x 30mm
EV/FS/9592 61mm x 61mm x 32mm FM/JO/9694 180mm x 180mm x 60mm with Sliding Lid
JO/UF/9593 61mm x 61mm x 40mm TD/NJ/9695 205mm x 205mm x 85mm
EV/FS/9593 62mm x 62mm x 16mm NP/TT/9692 208mm x 208m x 60mm
EV/FS/9594 62mm x 62mm x 22mm TU/FX/9693 235mm x 235m x 121mm


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