Hinged Lid

Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product Code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
HB/SE/9560 62mm x 62mm x 22mm GM/BN/5065 175mm x 52mm x 25.4mm
FV/SP/5000 77mm x 45mm x 28mm* GM/BN/5070 178mm x 86mm x 29mm
FV/SP/5005 89mm x 54mm x 28mm* GM/BN/5075 181mm x 130mm x 40mm
FV/SP/5010 92mm x 61mm x 28mm* NP/EF/5080 190mm x 120mm x 90mm
GM/BN/5015 94mm x 65mm x 21mm GM/BN/5085 203mm x 102mm x 30mm
FV/SP/5020 100mm x 50mm x 28mm* GM/BN/5090 222mm x 110mm x 29mm
GM/BN/5025 111mm x 67mm x 25mm GM/BN/5095 267mm x 157mm x 40mm
GM/BN/5030 114mm x 68mm x 25mm GM/BN/5100 267mm x 157mm x 57mm
FV/SP/5035 114mm x 90mm x 28mm* GM/BN/5105 270mm x 168mm x 40mm
GM/BN/5040 130mm x 91mm x 38mm GM/BN/5110 279mm x 162mm x 40mm
GM/BN/5045 143mm x 92mm x 25.4mm GM/BN/5115 324mm x 216mm x 54mm
GM/BN/5050 149mm x 95mm x 41mm GM/BN/5120 333mm x 225mm x 49mm
GM/BN/5055 171mm x 81mm x 12mm GM/BN/5125 387mm x 225mm x 76mm
GM/BN/5060 171mm x 81mm x 30mm


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