Plastic Display Packs







TJ/DI/3001      29mm x 23mm x 16mm

TJ/DI/3005      30mm x 25mm x 23mm

CP/EF/3006    36mm x 30mm x 14mm

CP/EF/3007    36mm x 30mm x 25mm

CP/DL/3010   37mm x 33mm x 31mm

GJ/OF/3015   38mm x 32mm x 19mm

NF/IN/3016    39mm x 35mm x 30mm

SJ/DF/3020   40mm x 36mm x 31mm

TJ/DI/3025    41mm x 34mm x 27mm

CS/BO/3030  41mm x 35mm x 21mm

CS/BO/3035  41mm x 35mm x 32mm

CP/DL/3038   51mm x 37mm x 13mm

CP/DL/3039  51mm x 37mm x 14mm

CP/DL/3040   51mm x 37mm x 19mm

MJ/DF/3045   51mm x 37mm x 29mm

MJ/DF/3050   51mm x 37mm x 39mm

CP/DL/3060   51mm x 37mm x 39mm

CP/EF/3061    54mm x 36mm x 14mm

CP/EF/3062    54mm x 36mm x 29mm

CP/DL/3065   54mm x 37mm x 13mm

TF/NB/3066    54mm x 40mm x 31mm

TF/NB/3067    54mm x 40mm x 41mm

NF/IN/3067    55mm x 38mm x 14mm

NF/IN/3068    55mm x 38mm x 23mm

YJ/OZ/3067   56mm x 33mm x 41mm

CP/DL/3068  56mm x 42mm x 33mm

CP/DL/3069  56mm x 42mm x 43mm

TJ/DI/3070     56mm x 48mm x 53mm

SJ/DF/3075    58mm x 50mm x 54mm

CS/BO/3080   59mm x 41mm x 21mm

CS/BO/3085   59mm x 41mm x 39mm

SJ/DF/3090    60mm x 45mm x 41mm

TJ/DI/3095     60mm x 50mm x 33mm

SJ/DF/3100    61mm x 51mm x 33mm

CP/DL/3104   70mm x 45mm x 16mm

NF/IN/ 3104   70mm x 45mm x 17mm

CP/DL/3106   72mm x 55mm x 24mm

SJ/DF/3105    73mm x 63mm x 53mm

CP/EF/3106    76mm x 54mm x 14mm

CP/EF/3107    76mm x 54mm x 29mm

CP/EF/3108    76mm x 54mm x 54mm

CP/DL/3110    77mm x 55mm x 24mm

CP/DL/3115    78mm x 50mm x 30mm

MJ/DF/3120    78mm x 50mm x 30mm

CP/DL/3125    78mm x 50mm x 40mm

MJ/DF/3130    78mm x 50mm x 40mm

CP/DL/3135    78mm x 50mm x 61mm

MJ/DF/3140    78mm x 50mm x 61mm

NF/IN/ 3141    78mm x 55mm x 23mm

CS/BO/3145   80mm x 55mm x 12mm

CS/BO/3150   80mm x 55mm x 32mm

CS/BO/3155   80mm x 55mm x 62mm

SJ/DF/3160    82mm x 54mm x 31mm

SJ/DF/3165    82mm x 61mm x 94mm

CP/DL/3165   84mm x 56mm x 33mm

CP/DL/3166   84mm x 56mm x 43mm

CP/DL/3167   84mm x 56mm x 64mm

TF/NB/3166   85mm x 63mm x 31mm

TF/NB/3167   85mm x 63mm x 62mm

NF/IN/ 3170   90mm x 75mm x 19mm

CP/DL/3170    90mm x 74mm x 20mm

NF/IN/3175     90mm x 75mm x 46mm

CP/DL/3175    90mm x 74mm x 48mm

NF/IN/3176    100mm x 40mm x 17mm

SJ/DF/3180   133mm x 63mm x 78mm

TJ/DI/3185     133mm x 80mm x 63mm

CP/EF/3186   136mm x 78mm x 24mm

TJ/DI/3190     148mm x 108mm x 38mm

NF/IN/3193    150mm x 40mm x 17mm

CP/DL/3195   150mm x 40mm x 18mm

NF/IN/3196    175mm x 25mm x 10mm

CP/EF/3197   194mm x 97mm x 33mm

NF/IN/3198    210mm x 35mm x 13mm

CP/DL/3198   210mm x 35mm x 13mm

CP/EF/3199   223mm x 104mm x 37mm

MJ/DF/3200   296mm x 150mm x 94mm



TJ/DI/3205     15mm x 15mm x 8mm

SJ/DF/3210    16mm x 16mm x 8mm

TJ/DI/3215     19mm x 19mm x 15mm

MJ/DF/3220    24mm x 24mm x 19mm

CP/DL/3225    24mm x 24mm x 19mm

CP/EF/3226    24mm x 24mm x 24mm

SJ/DF/3230    25mm x 25mm x 20mm

TF/NB/3231    26mm x 26mm x 20mm

SJ/DF/3235    28mm x 28mm x 27mm

YJ/OZ/3238    33mm x 33mm x 25mm

CP/DL/3240    37mm x 37mm x 29mm

MJ/DF/3245    37mm x 37mm x 29mm

TF/NB/3246    40mm x 40mm x 32mm

SJ/DF/3250    40mm x 40mm x 36mm

YJ/OZ/3251    42mm x 42mm x 33mm

CP/EF/3252    47mm x 47mm x 53mm

CS/BO/3255   50mm x 50mm x 50mm

TF/NB/3256    53mm x 53mm x 31mm

TF/NB/3256    53mm x 53mm x 62mm

CP/DL/3260    54mm x 54mm x 17mm

CP/DL/3265    54mm x 54mm x 55mm

CP/DL/3270    54mm x 54mm x 62mm

CP/DL/3275    54mm x 54mm x 75mm

CP/DL/3278    60mm x 60mm x 65mm

CP/DL/3279    60mm x 60mm x 80mm

SJ/DF/3280     61mm x 61mm x 60mm

CP/EF/3281    76mm x 76mm x 14mm

CP/EF/3283    76mm x 76mm x 29mm

CP/DL/3285    79mm x 79mm x 34mm

CP/DL/3290    79mm x 79mm x 40mm

MJ/DF/3295    79mm x 79mm x 40mm

CP/DL/3300    79mm x 79mm x 54mm

MJ/DF/3305    79mm x 79mm x 74mm

TJ/DI/3310      79mm x 79mm x 74mm

CP/DL/3315    79mm x 79mm x 74mm

CP/EF/3316    79mm x 79mm x 76mm

CS/BO/3320    80mm x 80mm x 78mm

TF/NB/3321     82mm x 82mm x 41mm

TF/NB/3322     82mm x 82mm x 76mm

SJ/DF/3325     83mm x 83mm x 73mm

CP/DL/3327    84mm x 84mm x 43mm

CP/DL/3328    84mm x 84mm x 78mm

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