Hang up range/ Retail packs

Product code Sizes (Internal L x W x D) Product code Sizes (Internal L x W x D)
QM/BT/4000 17mm x 8mm x 31mm NP/TT/4205 55mm x 16mm x 73mm
QM/BT/4005 21mm x 4mm x 31mm XJ/ML/4210 55mm x 18mm x 73mm
CP/DL/4005 21mm x 4mm x 31mm XJ/ML/4215 55mm x 18mm x 123mm
CK/QM/4010 35mm x 12mm x 54mm IT/LT/4220 55mm x 18mm x 131mm
CK/QM/4015 35mm x 22.6mm x 54mm QM/BT/4225 55mm x 20mm x 73mm
CK/QM/4020 35mm x 22mm x 82mm QM/BT/4230 55mm x 22mm x 315mm
TJ/DI/4025 36mm x 13mm x 55mm XJ/ML/4235 55mm x 25mm x 73mm
XJ/ML/4025 38mm x 12mm x 55mm XJ/ML/4240 55mm x 25mm x 123mm
QM/BT/???? 38mm x 10mm x 48mm NP/TT/4245 55mm x 28mm x 73mm
QM/BT/???? 38mm x 15mm x 48mm QB/OE/4250 55mm x 30mm x 75mm
XJ/ML/4030 38mm x 18mm x 73mm IT/LT/4255 55mm x 34mm x 66mm
XJ/ML/4035 38mm x 12mm x 55mm IT/LT/4260 55mm x 34mm x 131mm
XJ/ML/4035 38mm x 25mm x 55mm IT/LT/4265 55mm x 134mm x 140mm
MJ/DF/4040 40mm x 12mm x 55mm ZJXV/4270 56mm x 4mm x 95mm
YJ/OZ/4050 40mm x 18mm x 145mm IF/OH/4275 56mm x 39mm x 290mm
QM/BT/4060 40mm x 20mm x 40mm CP/DL/4280 60mm x 13mm x 131mm
QB/OE/4065 40mm x 20mm x 55mm QM/BT/4285 60mm x 20mm x 155mm
KV/OE/4070 40mm x 90mm x 145mm ZJ/XV/4290 60mm x 20mm x 155mm
IF/OH/4075 40mm x 90mm x 160mm QM/BT/4295 60mm x 40mm x 75mm
YJ/OZ/4080 43mm x 12mm x 117mm MJ/DF/4300 62mm x 21mm x 81mm
YJ/OZ/4085 43mm x 20mm x 141mm QM/BT/4305 65mm x 18mm x 125mm
NP/TT/4090 44mm x 17mm x 76mm QM/BT/4310 65mm x 30mm x 125mm
TJ/DI/4095 44mm x 21mm x 62mm QB/OE/4315 65mm x 35mm x 90mm
YJ/OZ/4100 45mm x 16mm x 105mm QM/BT/4320 65mm x 37mm x 125mm
YJ/OZ/4105 45mm x 16mm x 135mm QM/BT/4325 70mm x 35mm x 195mm
YJ/OZ/4110 45mm x 26mm x 105mm QM/BT/4330 70mm x 35mm x 245mm
QM/BT/4115 47mm x 15mm x 65mm QM/BT/4335 70mm x 35mm x 295mm
NP/TT/4115 47mm x 15mm x 65mm IT/LT/4340 70mm x 36mm x 73mm
QM/BT/4120 47mm x 30mm x 65mm IT/LT/4345 70mm x 58mm x 74mm
NP/TT/4120 47mm x 30mm x 65mm CP/DL/4347 73mm x 28mm x 28mm
MJ/DF/4125 49mm x 12mm x 84mm YJ/OZ/4350 74mm x 30mm x 127mm
XJ/ML/4130 49mm x 14mm x 68mm IF/OH/4355 75mm x 30mm x 175mm
XJ/ML/4135 49mm x 31mm x 68mm YJ/OZ/4360 81mm x 23mm x 133mm
CP/DL/4140 50mm x 13mm x 84mm CK/QM/4365 81mm x 33mm x 171mm
XJ/ML/4145 50mm x 16mm x 65mm YJ/OZ/4370 90mm x 22mm x 160mm
XJ/ML/4150 50mm x 16mm x 133mm YJ/OZ/4375 90mm x 31mm x 137mm
QB/OE/4155 50mm x 30mm x 70mm IF/OH/4380 90mm x 45mm x 186mm
XJ/ML/4160 50mm x 34mm x 133mm YJ/OZ/4385 93mm x 64mm x 25mm
XJ/ML/4165 50mm x 36mm x 65mm YJ/OZ/4390 100mm x 38mm x 147mm
IF/OH/4170 50mm x 38mm x 280mm FM/JO/4395 160mm x 60mm x180mm
QM/BT/4175 52mm x 17mm x 137mm QM/BT/4400 170mm x 52mm x 370mm
IT/LT/4180 52mm x 18mm x 69mm    
QM/BT/4185 52mm x 31mm x 137mm    
IT/LT/4190 52mm x 36mm x 69mm    
XJ/ML/4200 55mm x 11mm x 73mm    
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